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Terms Of Use & Privacy Policy

IMPORTANT – READ ALL THESE TERMS OF USE AS WELL AS THE PRIVACY POLICY WITH THE UTMOST CARE. Henceforth, they will be referred to as “TERMS.” Whenever you access the STARSTRUCK MARKETING Website (referred to as the “Site”) and/or use the STARSTRUCK MARKETING application for mobile phones (referred to as the “App”) and all the Service connected software as they will be outlined below, you give your informed consent and agree to respect the Terms and any further corrections and/or additions made to these Terms as they will sometimes appear on the App, Site, and/or any different channels as STARSTRUCK MARKETING sees fit. These addendums and supplementary information take effect immediately after their publication. If you do not acquiesce to these Terms, be advised to discontinue your activity on the App, Site, and/or the Services.

The purpose of STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD is to provide an online service for customers who want to apply for personal loans and similar financial services (referred to as “Services”) offered by STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD. The Services should only be used for your convenience, and convenience alone. These Terms are a legal agreement between you and STARSTRUCK MARKETING (as explained below).

The Terms regulate the employ and operation of the App and Site. The Note of Contract and Standard Terms and Conditions (henceforth referred to as “Standard Terms and Conditions”) for Personal Loans will come into effect supplementary with the approval of the application, and once both parties consent to it.

In the Terms, STARSTRUCK MARKETING Pte Ltd (Company Registration No. 201841732D) is defined by the words “we”, “us”, “our”, “LB”, “STARSTRUCK MARKETING”, and/or STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD. STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD refers to STARSTRUCK MARKETING Pte Ltd. (“STARSTRUCK MARKETING”), the holding company and its subsidiaries, and/or the related organizations. The person or people who use the App, Site, and Services and for whom the Terms are enforced are referred to as “you”, “your”, and/or “yours”.


STARSTRUCK MARKETING will consider only the solicitations you submit yourself and for your own purposes. You are accountable for the precision, suitability, and entirety of the data you put forward to us. You give your consent to the fact that we will take your information into account in order to evaluate your application. We have the right to treat a received solicitation as one you have authorized and for which you bear responsibility and we are not obliged to inspect beyond that or to examine the legitimacy or genuineness of your solicitation.

You admit and consent that we are under no commitment or responsibility to evaluate or assent to a solicitation we receive within a time period or ever. We are not required to give you updates regarding the standing of your solicitation or give you any details regarding the reason if we resolve not to evaluate or to decline your application. We have the right to ask you for supplementary information or validation from you at any time, and we have the right to consider your solicitation as withdrawn if you do not reply to our demands promptly.


You are liable for the safekeeping of all the user ids and passwords you create and/or are sent to you as one-time passwords. We will not bear the legal responsibility for any of your casualties, vitiations, culpability, charge or disbursements you are subject to as a consequence of losing or illegitimate employment of your user ids or passwords.

You hereby give your consent that the data you present within both the Site and the App becomes enciphered and protected only when it is conveyed to us. You give your consent to the employment of certain profit-oriented equitable security methods to ascertain whether that information is disseminated by you and it is not modified during the conveying process. You give your consent that we will not be held accountable to you if any message you send is detained, hindered, missing or does not reach us for any other reason, or if a third party obstructs, interrupts, changes or otherwise intervened on the information established within your submission while it is being sent.

You hereby give your consent to vouch and secure STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD as innocent for all the vitiations, losses, culpabilities, charges or disbursements (including legal fees) that STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD is subject to because of:

  1. your activity on the Site and/ or employment of the Services;
  2. any third party’s activity on the Site and/ or employment of the Services with your user id and/or password;
  3. your violation of any of the Terms; or
  4. any third party’s violation of the Terms here where they accessed this Site and/ or Services with your user id and/or password.


STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD is concerned about the safeguard of your personal information. STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD uses sensible profit-oriented security protocols to defend the personal information you share with us. This Privacy Policy defines how your personal information may be gathered, employed, shared, operated on and managed, and you hereby officially agree to allow STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD collect, employ and share your private information according to this Privacy Policy.

  1. What Personal Data We Collect

“Personal data” is information which can be employed to determine a natural person. Some instances of personal data kept by STARSTRUCK MARKETING are:

(a) personal identifiers (e.g. name, date of birth, identity card, residential address, contact information and/or education details);
(b) financial information;
(c) images and voice recordings of our discussions with you;
(d) employment information;
(e) tax data;
(f) banking data (e.g. account numbers and banking transactions);
(g) third-party opinions disclosed to us (e.g. feedback or answers to questionnaires and interviews); and/or
(h) data delivered from your mobile device you acquiesce to (e.g. device location and information).

To eschew peradventure, “personal data” could embody data connecting to you which we could acquire from other parties, as well as any agency, credit sharing data services, banks and/ or financial establishments.

  1. Usage of Your Personal Data

We have the right to employ your private information for functions regarding the Services and/or our business or operations, such as but not restricted to:

(a) building and offering personal loans and/or different credit provisions, products or services (whether or not these are offered to you by us or intermediate them), including but not restricted to executing credit, economic or different arrangements and outlining these arrangements; undertaking examinations, groundwork and statistical examinations; with the reason of creating or refining our products, services, protection, service standards, and marketing strategies;

(b) evaluating and handling submissions, instructions or demands from you or LB’s customers;

(c) discussing with you, for instance offering you notifications regarding any modifications to our products, services and credit provisions (whether we offer them or intermediate them) including any supplementations, addendums, adjournments and substitutions of or to these products, services and credit provisions, as well as their terms and conditions;

(d) building and caring for our the physical and organizational structures and facilities and data and technological systems, such as machine learning, credit evaluations, historical and actual-time data functional analytics, implementation evaluations, falsehood recognition, customer segmentation and functional meliorations;

(e) conducting our business functions and respecting our internal policies and guides;

(f) answering questions or feedback;

(g) researching or dealing with any grievances, petitions or quarrels;

(h) investigating your identity to provide personal loans and/or different credit provisions, products or services;

(i) leading credit checks, scrutiny or required checks as STARSTRUCK MARKETING Pte Ltd will decide is required or needed, or as it may be demanded by the current law, regulations or directives;

(j) working on disbursement instructions and making credits and debits from your bank account or accounts (including but not limited to GIRO) as per the Note of Contract, Standard Terms and Conditions and/or any contracts between you and LB;

(k) respecting the current laws, legislation, regulations, orders, directives, rules and notices (regardless of possessing the force of law), and directives and demands from any in-state authorities, bodies or agencies, whether they are local or foreign, governmental, statutory or regulatory, including but not limited to those that regard lending capital, tax, financing, money laundry, terrorism and law enforcement;

(l) keeping track of the products and services we provide or intermediate

(m) respecting the duties and demands made on us on a regular basis by any credit bureau or financial data sharing services of which we take part in or subscribe to;

(n) developing and keeping models that regard credit and risk;

(o) various types of reporting, including but not limited to financial, regulatory and organizational, risk management (which contains keeping track of credit exposures), audit and archive-maintenance reasons;

(p) allowing any current or potential assignee or transferee, member or sub-member of STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD’s prerogatives or requirements to appraise, enable, execute and put into action any connected deal or agreement;

(q) appraising, enabling, executing and putting into action any deal or agreement that connects to any investment into, and/or the question of any securities by, any participant of the STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD by a third party;

(r) appraising, enabling, executing and putting into action any deal or agreement that regards banking, credit or other operations or any different type of financing that could be acquired by the STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD occasionally (which includes any connected safety agreement);

(s) putting into effect commitments indebted to us; and/or

(t) searching expert advice, including but not limited to legal advice.

We can also employ or share personal information for reasons outlined in the Standard Terms and Conditions for Personal Loans, known as “Standard Terms and Conditions.”

  1. Use of Personal Data for Marketing Purposes

Within a legal framework, we are allowed to employ your private information to suggest different products and services, such as special offers, discounts, competitions or entitlements that might appeal to you or for which you might qualify. These marketing messages can be conveyed in different ways, such as e-mail, SMS, telephone calls, direct mail, facsimile, mobile messaging, and so forth. If you wish to stop receiving these marketing-related notifications, you are able to send your request by email to

This section is an addendum to the terms and conditions that define our legal interrelation with you.

  1. Disclosure and Sharing of Personal Data

Occasionally, we have the right to reveal your personal information, with the purpose of completing the functions outlined above, to any employees of STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD or to other people, regardless whether they are citizens of Singapore, such as:

(a) participants of STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD, including agents, directors, employees, and officers;

(b) all credit agencies (Moneylenders Credit Bureau included), credit info sharing operations, banks, financial organizations and different pertinent third parties, for several reasons that include but are not limited to credit checks, scrutiny or required checks;

(c) banks, financial organizations and different pertinent third parties for reasons that include but are not limited to enabling GIRO reimbursements or other debits or credits linked to your bank account or accounts;

(d) purveyors, sub-purveyors and/ or different service retailers connected to STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD who offer STARSTRUCK MARKETING services that regard its functions, data intermediaries included;

(e) current in-state authorities, agencies, or bodies, whether local or foreign, statutory or regulatory, including among others those that regard lending capital, tax, financing, money laundry, terrorism and law enforcement;

(f) agencies that recover and repossess debts regarding the carriage of reimbursement requirements for debts;

(g) significant third parties connected to business deals or agreements, which are discussed under paragraphs 2(o), (p) and (q), along with their specific advisers, agents, directors, employees and officers; and/or

(h) our personal expert advisers, which are, among others, auditors, accountants, financial advisers and lawyers.

Please be confident that when LB reveals and/or shares your private information to the parties outlined above, we demand them to take all necessary measures so your private information is safe and remains confidential.

If you need additional details regarding the third parties to which your private information is revealed, send us an email at

We want to underline that STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD is in no way involved in selling private data to third parties and we will respect our legal duties and requirements for confidentiality, enforced on us under any appurtenant agreements, Standard Terms and Conditions and/or the current legislation. We are allowed to archive, relocate, operate on and/or deal with your private information outside Singapore. In this case, LB will respect the Personal Data Protection Act. As a result of this document, you give your consent to such relocations, archives and/or operations of working on your personal information outdoors of Singapore.

If you: (a) have any queries or input regarding your private information or LB’s Data Protection Policy; (b) want to retract your authorization to any operation on your private information; or (c) want to get admission and rectify your Personal Data archives, please send an email to our Data Protection Officer at

  1. Cookies and Similar Technologies

LB is allowed to use cookies throughout or mobile applications (referred to as “apps” or “app”) and websites. A cookie defines a tiny text file that enters your computer or mobile device as a result of your activity on a website or with an app. Cookies have the purpose of storing information about users and their behaviours on websites or involving apps. This information comprises their IP addresses, how they found the website they are on (e.g. through certain keywords on a search engine or by clicking on a link embedded into another site) and how they behave on that website or use that app. LB uses cookies and related technologies to improve your experience on our websites and apps, to present several products and/or services related to your interests, to gather information regarding the use of our apps and websites and to assemble analyses and statistics regarding how visitors behave on our websites or with our apps.

Several pages of our websites use pixel tags, which also bear the names of web beacons. These are invisible tags only available on our websites, but will not be stored on your computer or mobile devices. Pixel tags work together with cookies to keep track of the users’ navigation and behaviour on our website.

You are able to modify your browser’s privacy settings to block cookies. This action will also deactivate the function of pixel tags, which will no longer keep track of your website visit. You also have the option of deleting stored cookies from both your computer and mobile device. Restricting or obstructing the activity of cookies and pixel tags limits your use of certain functions and characteristics of our websites.

D. Trademarks and Copyright

STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD has a complete property of all copyright and intellectual property of every piece of content available on both the App and the Site, including but not restricted to all texts, images, and designs, unless otherwise explicitly stated in this document. Therefore, you are not allowed to copy, convey, publish, keep, transform, distribute, showcase, licence, modify, hyperlink or employ in another way, either in totality or in part, in any form without asking for express written agreement from STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD.

STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD and/or the specific third parties identified are the proprietors of all trademarks, logos and service marks used throughout the App and Site. You have no right or license over them and you should not take to mean that, through your access to the App, Site or Services, you have rights over any licenses, trademarks, logos or service marks featured on the App, Site, or Services.

E. Hyperlinks to Other Websites

This Site features several hyperlinks to websites we do not administer. We do not assume accountability for the contents displayed on those websites and will, therefore, not be answerable for any harm or deprivation that results from visiting those websites. Using the hyperlinks and visiting these websites is fully your responsibility.

F. STARSTRUCK MARKETING Disclaimers & Limitation of Liability

STARSTRUCK MARKETING undertakes all endeavours to make sure that contents published on both the App and Site (referred to as “Content”) is precise and thoroughgoing, but this Content is disseminated on an “as is” and “as available” basis in the existing circumstances, without further guarantees of any sort, whether direct or implied.

STARSTRUCK MARKETING cannot guarantee that your actions or use of functions on the App, Content or Site will be well-timed, correct or complete, that errors will be removed, or that there are no viruses or damaging components on the App, Content or Site, or that downloading, employing, or installing the App or the Content inside or with any device will not alter the practicality or quality of performance of your device. STARSTRUCK MARKETING cannot guarantee or make any formal statements that relate to the use and the consequences of using the App, the Content, Site or Services regarding their rectitude, precision, entirety, dependability, or otherwise.

You consent that:

  1. STARSTRUCK MARKETING is in its own rights whensoever, with unique and complete power of decision and with no obligation of previous notice, to supplement, change, end, delete or interrupt the function of the entire or any part or characteristic of the App, Site or Services without giving any rationale; and
  2. admission to or the functioning of the App, Site and/or Services may occasionally be suspended or face technical or any type of issues and may not undoubtedly go on with no interruptions or error-free;
  3. LB’s App, Site, and/or Service might have their own intrinsic restrictions, hindrances, and various issues and in none of these cases is LB responsible for any deprivation, incommodity or harm you might experience as a consequence.
  4. LB is never legally responsible for harms, deprivations, fees, incommodities you experience in any causes of action (be it in contract or tort, such as but not restricted to negligence, or otherwise) determined through your employ of, or your impossibility to use, the App, Content, Site and/or Services or any different websites or devices. [In the case that STARSTRUCK MARKETING is held accountable for harms regardless of this disposition, you consent that, to the biggest lawfully-allowed extent, STARSTRUCK MARKETING’s overall responsibility to you for any and all causes of action will not surpass the total amount of fees and payments (if any) that STARSTRUCK MARKETING PTE LTD actually acquired from you in the previous six months. STARSTRUCK MARKETING will never be held accountable for any incidental, singular, collateral or peripheral harms ensued from the use of, or your impossibility to use, the App, Content, Site, Services, or any other websites or device, although STARSTRUCK MARKETING or an authorised representative from STARSTRUCK MARKETING has been counselled, or should have anticipated, the risk of similar damages. You consent that the previously mentioned exceptions and restrictions of liability allow STARSTRUCK MARKETING to offer the Content and the Services at either sensible fees, or no fees whatsoever to you.]

G. Governing Law and Other Provisions

The laws of Singapore take precedence and preside over these Terms. The courts of Singapore will resolve all conflicts that emerge from or follow the Terms. You give your consent to yield to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.

The references featured in these Terms to a person include an allusion to associations, organizations, partnerships or different associations of persons, whether or not incorporated, and to that person’s inheritors, assigns, transferees or any people who are legally allowed to undertake that person’s legal rights. If a disposition in these Terms is illegal or impossible to be enforced under the current law, it will be removed to the degree allowed by law, without impacting the legality of the other dispositions.